2018 Facebook Task Force Application

Since 2011/2012, surgeons of all levels have been using closed Facebook groups more frequently to educate, learn, mentor, disseminate information, refer, create, and most importantly to optimize patient care outcomes. As example, (starting in 2012), the IHC is now in 99 countries with over 5100 vetted members.

SAGES is the first existing national surgical society to embrace closed Facebook groups with education and continuous learning as a core mission.

With 8 growing FB groups, SAGES will soon have massive amounts of new user generated material, an endless database of unique information, and in my opinion, the power to permanently change the way surgeons interact with each other, host meetings, peer review, and educate patients and each other. The amount of information we will develop over time will far surpass a volume that can be managed by just a few people.

New needs will quickly arise. By having a task force to organize and manage our needs, efforts, and concerns with these 8 new SAGES FB groups, together we can help advance the groups platform to best serve our society’s needs and our patients’ needs.

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