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Laparoscopic Repair of an Epigastric Hernia

This is a video of a laparoscopic repair of a primary epigastric hernia with fascial closure and IPOM mesh.


SAGES Resident Webinar: Optimizing Outcomes for Inguinal Hernia Repair

Matthew Goldblatt, MD – Course Moderator/Speaker Andrew Kastenmeier, MD – Faculty Speaker David Chen, MD – Faculty Speaker Brian Jacob, MD – Faculty Speaker

Endoscopic Pre-Peritoneal Inguinal Hernia Repair

A video of an endoscopic extra-peritoneal hernia repair

Laparoscopic repair of a giant hernia of Morgagni in an adult

Ajay K Chopra, MD, Aida Taye, MD, Harvey Rainville, MD

Laparoscopic Right Direct Inguinal Hernia repair

This video demonstrate dissection and mesh repair in a right, direct inguinal hernia in a male patient. Transversalis fascia must be dissected free and preserved.