SAGES Advanced Laparoscopic Workshops for Surgical Residents

SAGES offers a series of courses on advanced laparoscopic procedures and techniques. The topics are selected by SAGES Resident Education committee to address the breadth of interests of SAGES Candidate members. Upcoming courses will give general surgery residents exposure in foregut, solid organ, colon, bariatric and hernia surgery. The faculty will discuss indications and surgical techniques of those subspecialties. In addition to classroom didactics, each course involves an extensive laboratory experience.

SAGES resident course faculty includes many of the most experienced and respected endoscopic surgeons in the world. Tuition for residents will be free and includes hotel & meals.

Program Directors are invited to designate a surgical resident to participate in each course. Residents must be PGY 4 or 5 and must be a SAGES Candidate member to be accepted into Advanced Courses. For more information on Candidate membership, please use this link.

If you are a resident and interested in attending one of our courses, please contact your Program Director.

We believe that the ongoing series of courses are a stimulating and productive way to further expose surgical trainees to the techniques of endoscopic surgery, to standardize their knowledge base in the area, and to provide strong educational support for the endoscopic resident education programs.

Current Schedule of Advanced Laparoscopy Workshops:

Course announcements for all SAGES resident courses are sent to all Program Directors and Resident Coordinators. Each program selects the resident to attend the course. In order to provide equitable service to all residency programs, each program may register only one resident per course. Please contact your Program Director or Coordinator if you are interested in attending.

For course registration policies, contact the Registrar at or call (310) 437-0544, ext 128.

SAGES Advanced Hernia Resident Course
September 10-11, 2015
Open for Surgical Residents (US and Canada), SAGES Candidate Membership is required
COOK in Indianapolis, IN
Sponsored by COOK

SAGES Colorectal Surgery Advanced Resident Course
November 5-6, 2015
Open to PGY 4-5 Surgical Residents (Canada only), SAGES Candidate Membership is required
London, ON, Canada
Sponsored by Ethicon Canada

SAGES Upper GI Bariatric Advanced Resident Course
December 10-11, 2015
Open to PGY 4-5 Surgical Residents (Canada), SAGES Candidate Membership is required
London, ON, Canada
Sponsored by Ethicon Canada