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Objective assessment of the suture ligature method for the laparoscopic intestinal anastomosis model using a new computerized system

Munenori Uemura, MMedSci, Makoto Yamashita, Morimasa Tomikawa, MD, PhD, FACS, Satoshi Oabata, MD, Ryota Souzaki, MD, PhD, Satoshi Ieiri, MD, PhD, Kenoki Ohuchida, MD, PhD, Noriyuki Matsuoka, Tamotsu Katayama, Makoto Hashizume, MD, PhD, FACS. Kyushu Univeristy. Background The purpose of this study was to develop a new objective assessment system for the suture ligature method employed… Continue Reading »

A Diary of a Laparoscopic Surgeon in Africa

Mohamed Seleem, dr. Cairo university. BACKGROUND: EGYPT feels the importance of giving support and building partnership with Nile basin Countries in their development path especially the medical field ACTIVITIES: the author was a team member 10 health convoys6 surgeons of different specialties - These convoys went to Nile Basin Countries All the convoys were on… Continue Reading »

LMCP (Laparoscopic Monitored Colonoscopic Polypectomy) Feasibility and Safety in This Technique Performed: Long- Term Follow -up

Miguel A Hernandez, MD, Morris E Franklin, MD, FACS, Zanndor Del Real, MD, Guillermo Peralta, MD. Texas Endosurgery Institute. Background: Colonoscopy is widely used to remove benign polyps. However, a variety of ‘‘difficult polyps’’ are not accessible for colonoscopy removal because of their size, broad base, or difficult location (impossible to see the polyp’s base,… Continue Reading »

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