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SINGLE PORT CHOLECYSTECTOMY: Standard Technique in 100 cases

Sergio Rojas-Ortega, MD, Emina Pasic, MD, Rachid Cesin, MD, Gerardo Reed, MD, Daniel Arizpe, MD, Cris Gomez, RN, Luis Miguel Campos, PE. HOSPITAL ANGELES / Puebla -MEXICO..   INTRODUCTION: Single Port Surgery has demonstrated good surgical outcomes and a very good cosmetic results in patients submitted to cholecystectomy. For the past three years we have… Continue Reading »

Ergonomic Analysis of Basic and Advanced Laparoscopic Procedures

Ahmed M Zihni, MD, MPH, Jaime A Cavallo, MD, MPHS, Ikechukwu Ohu, BS, Sohyung Cho, PhD, Michael M Awad, MD, PhD. Department of Surgery, Washington University School of Medicine; Department of Engineering, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.  INTRODUCTION: A majority of laparoscopic surgeons report chronic musculoskeletal complaints. These complaints are associated with high laparoscopic case volume.… Continue Reading »

Selective Placement of Synthetic Mesh During Clean-Contaminated Laparoscopic Bariatric Procedures is Safe

Edward J Hannoush, MD, Kurt E Roberts, MD, Robert L Bell, MD, Andrew J Duffy, MD. Yale University. Yale School of Medicine.. Introduction: Simultaneous laparoscopic repair of abdominal ventral hernia with intraperitoneal synthetic mesh in patients undergoing laparoscopic-stapled bariatric surgery is generally considered ill advised due to the assumed higher risk of infectious complications. However… Continue Reading »

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