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Comparison of Tissue Response to Flat and Stepped Design Linear Stapler Cartridges

Marisha L Godek, PhD, MS, Elizabeth M Contini, Jennifer M Diederich, MS, Vit Novacek, PhD, Frederic Turquier, PhD, Dwight G Bronson, MS Covidien Surgical Solutions OBJECTIVE: This study examined the effects of stapler cartridge design on tissue deformation and correlated these observations to an existing finite element analysis model. DESCRIPTION AND METHODS (1): Upon closure,… Continue Reading »

Peptic Ulcer Disease and Duodenal Perforation in a Puerperium Female: A Case Report and Literature Review

Sharique Nazir, MD, Marcia Chung, MD, Veshal Malhotra, Armand Asarian, MD, , FACS, Peter Pappas, MD, FACS, Fausto Vinces, DO, FACOS Lutheran Medical Center ,Brooklyn,New York .The Brooklyn Hospital Center ,Brooklyn,New York Introduction: Peptic ulcer disease (PUD) during pregnancy is very uncommon ranging from 1-6 in every 23,000 pregnancies. This rarity stems from the protective… Continue Reading »

Characterisation of muco-adhesive polymer films for retraction of bowel and other solid organs

Z Wang, PhD, L Tai, PhD, D McLean, S Brown, PhD, E Wright, PhD, G J Florence, PhD, P Andre, PhD, A Cuschieri, MD, PhD Universities of Dundee and St Andrews, UK Objective - To investigate various test methods for the characterisation of physical properties of muco-adhesive polymer films adhered to tissue in the development… Continue Reading »

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