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The Role of Laparoscopy in the management of 448 Emergent Intestinal Obstruction

Song Liang, MD, PhD, Morris E Franklin Jr, MD, FACS, Jeffrey L Glass, MD, FACS Texas Endosrugery Institute Introduction: Both diagnostic and therapeutic laparoscopy had been applied as acceptable approaches to manage intestinal obstruction in the acute setting. This prospective study based on our practice was aimed at investigating the practicability and applicability of laparoscopic… Continue Reading »

A Rare and Unusual Case of Falciform Ligament Hernia and a Review of the Literature

Akram Alashari, MD, R Kimball, MD, I Daoud, MD, FACS Division of Minimally Invasive Surgery St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center, Hartford, CT; University of Connecticut Health Center, Farmington, CT Introduction: Internal abdominal hernias develop when one or more viscera extrude through an intraperitoneal orifice but remain within the peritoneal cavity. Internal hernia through an… Continue Reading »

Laparascopic treatment of Gastric cancer in 17 y/o male. Literature review

Sharique Nazir, MD, Sean Rim, MD, Salvatore Docimo Jr, DO, MS, Zheng Dong, Galina Glinik, MD, FACS Lutheran medical center Introduction: Gastric carcinoma is the second leading cause of cancer related death worldwide with 21,860 new cases and 11,550 deaths in the United States in 2005. The median age for gastric carcinoma is 70 years… Continue Reading »

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