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ACS NSQIP Analysis: Moridity and Mortality with Laparoscopic and Open Lysis of Adhesions for Bowel Obstruction.

Subhash Reddy, MD, Jonathan Grotts, MA, David Thoman, MD Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital BackgroundAdhesions account for 50-70% of all Small bowel obstructions in adults. Historically after conservative management fails a laparotomy is performed to enable lysis of adhesions (LOA). There are a growing number of small series demonstrating decreased morbidity and shorter stay with laparoscopic… Continue Reading »

Single Site Endoscopic Breast Lumpectomy: a case series

Suriyana Ghani, MBBS, Tikfu Gee, MBBS, MS, Shu Yu Lim, MD Universiti Putra Malaysia Breast lumpectomy is a common surgical procedure for benign breast lumps. Incisions made for lumpectomies vary and depend on the location of the breast lump. Circumareolar incisions are made whenever possible because of their aesthetic value. However some lumps are either… Continue Reading »

The Integration of Minimally Invasive Surgery in Surgical Practice: Results From Two Consecutive Province-wide Practice Surveys of General Surgeons Over a 5-year Period.

Julie Hallet, MD, FRCSC, Olivier Mailloux, MD, Mony Chhiv, MD, FRCSC, Roger C Gregoire, MD, FRCSC, Jean-Pierre Gagne, MD, LLM, FRCSC Department of Surgery, Centre Hospitalier Universite de Quebec - Hôpital Saint-Francois d'Assise, Quebec Centre for Minimally Invasive Surgery, Quebec, QC, Canada Introduction: Most surgeons have quickly embraced the practice of minimally invasive surgery (MIS);… Continue Reading »

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