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Short term results of double incision laparoscopic right colectomy

Yoshinori Imai, Shinsuke Kajiwara, Hidenori Kiyochi, Kenzo Okada, Toshihiko Sakao, Taro Nakamura, Naoki Ishida, Tetsuya Mizumoto, Masaru Matsumura, Michiko Yamashita, Tatsuo Yamauchi, Tomoaki Okada, Yusuke Nakagawa, Yoshitomo Ueno Uwajima City Hospital Introduction: Single-incision laparoscopic surgery (SILS) is a minimally invasive technique recently applied to colorectal surgery. However, the SILS technique is difficult, and the surgical… Continue Reading »

Endoscopic Management with an Over-The-Scope-Clip (OTSC) Bear Claw Clip of a late leak after Sleeve Gastrectomy: A Case Report.

Alexander Ramirez Valderrama, MD, Soni Chousleb, MD, Stephen Merola, MDFACS New York Hospital Queens IntroductionLaparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy (LSG) has recently become one of the more popular bariatric procedures. One of the most devastating complications after LSG is a leak, which is reported to occur in about 2.7% of patients. Most of the time these leaks… Continue Reading »

Surgeons perform more proactive eye movements than novices when performing laparoscopic surgery

Bin Zheng, MD, PhD, Xianta Jiang, Msc, Geoffery Tien, Msc, M. Stella Atkins, PhD University of Alberta Objective: Eye-tracking studies reveal more and more evidence of surgeons’ expertise level. Novice surgeons often track the movement of surgical instruments while more experienced surgeons focus their gazes on the operating target. Proactive eye movement has been recognized… Continue Reading »

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