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Development of high definition three-dimensional laparoscopy system with convergence control and its application to advanced cancer surgery

Young-Woo Kim, MD, PhD, Hee Bong Yang, CEO National Cancer Center, Korea; Sometech Inc. Objective of the device;Main pitfall of conventional two-dimensional (2D) laparoscopy system (LS) is a lack of depth perception and low dexterity. It gives major difficulty to surgeons to perform delicate surgery. Three-dimensional (3D) views realizing natural visual field would provide better… Continue Reading »

Feasibility of Full thickness gastric resection using MASTER Endoscopic Robot and closure by Overstitch ?V a preclinical study

Philip W Chiu, MD, Sj Phee, Z Wang, Z Sun, Carmen C Poon, T Yamamoto, I Penny, Jyy Wong, James Lau, MD, Ky Ho, MD Department of Surgery,Institute of Digestive Disease,The Chinese University of Hong Kong;School of Mechanical ObjectiveGastric submucosal tumors are often treated by laparoscopic wedge resection. This study aimed to examine the feasibility… Continue Reading »

Determining the ‘STTARS’ among teachers of advanced laparoscopic surgery

Susannah M Wyles, MD, Danilo Miskovic, MD, FRCS, Melody Ni, PhD, Nader Francis, PhD, FRCS, Mark G Coleman, MD, FRCS, George B Hanna, PhD, FRCS Imperial College London, Derriford Hospital (on behalf of the National Training Program) Introduction:Within medicine there is an expectation that you will teach and provide an apprenticeship. With a reduction in… Continue Reading »

View all SAGES 2013 Abstracts and Posters