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Systematic review and meta analysis of effect of pre operative low calorie diets in bariatric surgery

Saurav Chakravartty, MBBS, MRCS, MS, A G Patel, FRCS, MS King's College Hospital, London Introduction: Low and very low calorie diets are often used to encourage pre operative weight loss in patients selected for bariatric surgery to help improve technical ease of surgery. These diets can shrink the liver and decrease intra abdominal fat thus… Continue Reading »

Investigation of Staple Height Effects on Tissue Oxygenation and Blood Flow following Surgical Transection

Ian Graham, Marisha L Godek, PhD, MS, Michael Stellon, Sally Carter, MS, Andrew Miesse, MS, Dwight G Bronson, MS Covidien Surgical Solutions Objective: To examine the relationship between staple height and tissue reperfusion by measuring blood flow and tissue oxygenation of staple lines with a range of final closed staple heights. Description of Technology: Staple… Continue Reading »

Overlapping applications of bipolar-radiofrequency energy for tissue coagulation in a robot-assisted hepatic resection

Pier C Giulianotti, MD, FACS, Mario A Masrur, MD, Gianmarco Contino, MD, Xiaoying Wang, MD, Eduardo Fernandes, MD, Luca Milone, MD, Subhashini Ayloo, MD, FACS University of Illinois at Chicago Background: Habib Radiofrequency assisted liver resection allows hepatectomies to be performed with minimal blood loss, a desirable feature in the setting of minimally invasive liver… Continue Reading »

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