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March 7 – 10, 2012
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Feasibility of Minimally Invasive Esophagectomy After Neoadjuvant Chemo-radiation

Charles Bakhos, MD, Tolutope Oyasiji, MD, Michael Kent, MD, Sidhu Gangadharan, MD, Jonathan Critchlow, MD, Tom Fabian, MD. Albany Medical Center (Albany NY), Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (Boston, MA)   INTRODUCTIONThe impact of neoadjuvant chemo-radiation (NCR) on outcomes after esophagectomy is still debated. The choice of surgical approach can also be influenced by this… Continue Reading »

Single-incision Laparoscopic Surgery With One Assist Port (sils-one) for Right Hemicolectomy

Tao-wei Ke, MD, William Chen, MD, Sheng-chi Chang, MD, Hua-che Chiang, MD. Division of Colorectal Surgery, Department of Surgery, Center of Minimally Invasive Surgery, China Medical University Hospital, Taichung, Taiwan   Background: Single-Incision Laparoscopic Surgery(SILS) right hemicolectomy is a safe and feasible procedure in benign and malignancy colon diseases. But SILS is still very situational,… Continue Reading »

Prospective Comparison Between Single Incision Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy and Needlescopic Cholecystectomy

Koji Hattori, MDPhD, Kazunao Watanabe, MD, Hidemitsu Ogino, MD, Rai Shimoyama, MD, Jun Kawachi, MD, Hiromitsu Takeyama, MDPhD. Shonan Kamakura General Hospital   BackgroundSince 2009 we had performed Single Incision Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy(SILC) in 110 cases. We recognize this procedure for patients to prefer to. But SILC have several problems for example difficult handling under laparoscope… Continue Reading »

View all SAGES 2012 Abstracts and Posters