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March 7 – 10, 2012
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The Utility of Standardization of Laparoscopy Assisted Gastrectomy and Introduction of Telesurgery Mentoring System

Nobuhiro Kurita, MD PhD, Mitsuo Shimada, MD PhD, Takashi Iwata, MD PhD, Hirohiko Sato, MD PhD, Masanori Nishioka, MD PhD, Shinya Morimoto, MD PhD, Kozo Yoshikawa, MD PhD, Tomohiko Miyatani, MD, Masakazu Goto, MD, Hideya Kashihara, MD, Chie Mikami, MD. Department of Surgery, the University of Tokushima   INTRODUCTION: The complexity in the procedures laparoscopy… Continue Reading »

Colorectal Cancer Following Negative Colonoscopy, Is 5-year Screening the Correct Interval to Recommend?

Steven K Nakao, MD, Iswanto Sucandy, MD, Steven Fassler, MD, Mark Zebley, MD, Soo Kim, MD. Abington Memorial Hospital   BACKGROUND: Despite the sensitivity of screening colonoscopy, polyps and cancers can still go undetected. With the polyp-to-cancer transformation cycle averaging 7-10 years, present guidelines recommend repeat colonoscopy within 10 years after negative screening. However, not all… Continue Reading »

Single Incision Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery for Neoplasia

Dan Geisler, MD Associate Staff. West Penn Allegheny Health System   Compared to open surgery, the benefits afforded to a patient from a minimally invasive approach for colorectal surgical resections are very well documented. The oncologic outcomes of a minimally invasive approach for the treatment of colorectal cancer have been shown to be at least… Continue Reading »

View all SAGES 2012 Abstracts and Posters