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March 30 – April 2, 2011
San Antonio Convention Center, San Antonio, TX

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Pilot Study of Objective Measurement of Abdominal Wall Function in Ventral Incisional Hernia Patients

Michael Parker, MD, Ross F Goldberg, MD, Maryane M Dinkins, PT, Horacio J Asbun, MD, C Daniel Smith, MD, Steven P Bowers, MD. Mayo Clinic Florida Introduction: Outcomes after ventral incisional hernia (VIH) repair are currently only measured by recurrence rate or measures of quality of life. There are no metrics available to objectively evaluate… Continue Reading »

Single Port Appendectomy- A New Promise

David Carne, MD, A Arumugasaamy, M Ruhlin, K Stakleff, PhD, D Guyton, md, Charu Paranjape, MD. Akron General Medical Center Introduction:Trans-umbilical Single port appendectomy is a virtually scar-less newer technique of appendectomy. This study retrospectively compares it with the traditional multiport appendectomy in terms of the operative length, costs, complications, length of stay and post-operative… Continue Reading »

Emergency Laparoscopic Repair for Incarcerated Ventral Hernia with Composite Mesh

Joe Fan, MD, Oswens Lo, MD, Wai Lun Law, MD. The University of Hong Kong OBJECTIVES: Laparoscopic repair has been widely used for uncomplicated ventral hernia as it is associated with fewer post-operative wound complications and a shorter hospital stay. We explored the safety of porcine collagen coated mesh (Parietex™Composite, COVIDIEN®) in emergency laparoscopic repair… Continue Reading »

View all SAGES 2011 Abstracts and Posters