SAGES 2010


12th World Congress of Endoscopic Surgery
April 14 – 17, 2010
Landover, Maryland USA (just outside of Washington, DC)
Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center

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SAGES 2010 Abstracts and Posters

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A Scarless Cholecystectomy Made Easy By the Hidden Suprapubic Approach

Currently, a new trend for no scar procedures has become very popular, mainly for cholecystectomy. The needlescopic surgery is not suitable for complicated cases and the incisions are located at visible points. TUES procedure has a limited critical view and requires at least a 25 mm umbilical incision. NOTES requires a sophisticate endoscope through the… Continue Reading »

Synchronous Appendicitis and Umbilical Hernial Metastasis From Cecal Adenocarcinoma

Introduction: Cecal adenocarcinoma presenting as appendicitis , although rare is not unknown. The association of the two with umbilical hernial metastasis has not been reported before. Methods:A 61 year old lady presented with one day history of right lower quadrant pain. On exam, she had tenderness in the right iliac fossa and also an umbilical… Continue Reading »

B-type Natriuretic Peptide Increases After Gastric Bypass and Correlates to Weight Loss

Background: B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP) is a recognized serologic marker of heart failure and has been associated with cachexia of heart failure. In addition, BNP is positively correlated to adiponectin which is inversely correlated to weight gain. We are aware that gastric bypass leads to early satiety and increases in adiponectin. Our study hypothesis is… Continue Reading »

View all SAGES 2010 Abstracts and Posters