SAGES 2009

April 22 – 25, 2009
Phoenix, Arizona

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Combined Paraesophageal Hernia Repair and Partial Longitudinal Gastrectomy in Obese Patients With Symptomatic Paraesophageal Hernias

John H Rodriguez, MD, Kevin El-hayek, MD, Poochong Timratana, MD, Matthew Kroh, MD, Bipan Chand, MD. Cleveland Clinic Foundation    INTRODUCTION: Obesity is a risk factor for gastroesophageal reflux disease and hiatal hernia. Studies have demonstrated poor symptom control in obese patients undergoing fundoplication. The ideal operation remains elusive, however, addressing both obesity and the… Continue Reading »

Perioperative Nasal Administration of Ketamine Successfully Eliminates the Need for Opioid Usage in the Bariatric Patient

Introduction: Usage of opioids for pain management in bariatric surgery patients requires special attention. Administration of narcotics to the obese patient carries the risk of respiratory suppression both due to the opioids and redistribution of the anaesthetics from the adipose tissue. We would like to share our experience in nasal administration of ketamine for post… Continue Reading »

Laparoscopic Removal of Infected Hernia Mesh With Bowel Repair

Nicholas Gaudet, John Hagen, Laz Klein. University of Toronto   THERE are over 90,000 laparoscopic ventral hernia repairs done in United States every year. The reported incidence of mesh infection ranges from 0.5% to 10%. The usual management after failed conservative treatment is laparotomy and removal of mesh. This typically involves a large laparotomy incision… Continue Reading »

View all SAGES 2009 Abstracts and Posters