Specialty Coordinator, Nurse Practitioner

Job Description

Summary A nurse practitioner/specialty coordinator is certified under section 6910 of the New York State Education Law and licensed as a registered nurse. A nurse practitioner/specialty coordinator provides clinical expertise and clinical program management for the provision of acute/primary health care to patients in accordance with written policies approved by nursing and medical administration.
Primary Duties Develops and implements a collaborative practice agreement in the specific clinical area and performs a periodic review of the collaborative agreement. Initiates selected comprehensive therapeutic and diagnostic procedures, consultations and laboratory examination, prescribes and alters medication regimens, interprets findings and alters plan of care according to collaborative practice agreement and protocols in designated area of oncology. Assesses the health status of patients/families by means of comprehensive health history and physical examination. Provides teaching and counseling in the areas of health promotion, maintenance, disease prevention, and management of acute/chronic illnesses. Documents findings and plan of care in the patient’s medical record. Consults with physicians and members of the health care team as established in the collaborative practice agreement. Initiates referrals to specialty services and fosters continuity of care. Participates in team meetings and conferences to enhance an interdisciplinary approach to acute/primary health care delivery. Performs a patient record review with the collaborating physician in a timely fashion but not less than every three months. Supports the mission, vision, philosophy and goals of the Department of Nursing and the Medical Center. Demonstrates accountability for own nursing practice. Advocates for patients/families and supports patients’ rights. Considers ethical issues of professional nursing practice and adheres to the code of ethics. Demonstrates a humanistic, kind, and caring attitude in the delivery of health care. Orients new staff and mentor nurses and other health team members. Coordinates/manages a clinical program in collaboration with nursing and medical leadership Incorporates research findings in clinical practice. Participates in approved nursing and medical research studies. Keeps knowledge current by self directed learning, literature review and attendance at educational programs. Participates in defining, maintaining, and interpreting standards of nursing practice. Contributes to the maintenance of a positive image of advanced practice nursing in the medical center and in the local community by implementing programs which recognize nursing as a profession. Participates in departmental and interdisciplinary committees which influence and/or determine policies affecting nursing practice and patient care delivery. Seeks opportunities to enhance professional nursing practice and influence outcomes. Treats co-workers, patients and families with dignity and respect. Is open and responsive to the diverse backgrounds and experience of other people, and promotes an environment that is sensitive to cultural diversity.

Education Minimum: Master’s; Preferred: Master’s; Actual: State Certification: Certified by the New York State Department of Education as a Nurse Practitioner as follows: Is a graduate of New York State registered Nurse Practitioner Program or equivalent OR is certified as a Nurse Practitioner by a national association via examination. Has completed a pharmacy component of not less than the required semester hours or the equivalent AND has been instructed in New York State and federal Laws relating to prescriptions and recordkeeping (3-hour course). Has a collaborative practice agreement with a physician and designated protocols, both filed with the New York State Department of Education. Master’s degree program designed to prepare a registered nurse to provide acute/primary health care services or the successful completion of an approved supplemental education program, i.e., post-Masters NP certificate. Professional certification by relevant professional organization preferred.

Previous Experience Clinical experience relevant to the area of clinical practice. Ability to perform history taking. Ability to perform physical assessment techniques. Ability to interpret and apply principles of nursing research utilization and monitor and report on outcomes and trends Ability to manage and coordinate a patient caseload within a specialized area of practice. Work within a collaborative agreement/protocols with a physician and health care team in area of specialized practice Physical stamina and manual dexterity to perform a variety of tasks and skills in area of assignment

Physical Requirements Exposure to a variety of clinical conditions, technologies, and environmental settings.

License Type Agent Frequency
RN DOH/Office of Professions 3 years
CNP DOH/Office of Professions 3 years

Computer Skills Application Level
WORD Intermediate
EXCEL Intermediate
Outlook Intermediate

How to Apply

Please forward all resumes via email to Saleha Ahmed at saleha.ahmed@mountsinai.org