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The Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery Program (FLS) is an innovative product in surgical education and skills assessment. FLS includes a comprehensive, multi-media CD-ROM-based educational module designed to teach the basic knowledge, judgment and technical skills fundamental to the performance of laparoscopic surgery. The CD-ROM study guides cover didactics, interactive patient scenarios and manual skills training. It also includes an exam to assess cognitive knowledge and manual skills. It will be available for purchase in March 2004. For more information, please contact Lisa Jukelevics at

Legislative: SAGES Legislative Review Committee is actively involved in a variety of issues affecting SAGES members including medical liability and expert witness. Most recently the committee has pursued gaining a code (CPT) and appropriate value (RUC) for upper gastrointestinal endoscopy, with delivery of thermal energy to the lower esophageal sphincter and/or gastric cardia muscle (Stretta). Currently the committee is involved in similar efforts for several lap bariatric codes. For more information, please contact Shelley Ginsberg .

Exhibit Advisory Council: Comprised of member companies from industry, the Exhibit Advisory Council serves as a direct link between SAGES leadership and industry. General Membership meetings are attended by members of SAGES leadership and industry representatives large and small. For more information, please contact Shelley Ginsberg .

Research Grants: Every year SAGES awards research grants to select SAGES members. Grant recipients are announced at the Annual Meeting. Funded by industry support, SAGES gives on average between six to nine grants per year. Grant applications are generally available over the Summer, with the deadline to apply each Fall. For more information, please contact Yumi Hori .

Top 14 Project: Developed by the SAGES Educational Resources Committee and produced by Ciné-Med, the Top 14 Project is a revised collection of the top most common minimally invasive procedures performed by surgeons. To order the collection, please contact Ciné-Med at 800-515-1542 or visit

SAGES Pearls Project: The SAGES Pearls Project is a procedure specific instructional series, concentrating on different, important steps of a given procedure, offering instructions, tips, tricks and alternatives for these steps. These procedures include Nissen, Bariatric and Colorectal. The Nissen Pearl will be available for sale in time for the Annual Meeting. To order, please contact Ciné-Med at 800-515-1542 or visit

SCOPE & Mini-SCOPE: SCOPE, SAGES quarterly newsletter, and Mini-SCOPE, a brief monthly electronic version, provide updates on SAGES projects and activities, upcoming events and general news affecting the organization. To receive a copy of SCOPE, please contact Yumi Hori at (310) 437-0544 ext. 102. To subscribe to Mini-SCOPE, please use the form to your right.

Guidelines: SAGES offers dozens of Guidelines and Statements. The recently written Guidelines addresses some of the most current issues in MIS. To order, please contact the SAGES office at (310) 437-0544, ext. 118 or you can download the guideline off the SAGES web site.

SAGES Video Library and Other Educational Products: The SAGES Educational Video Library contains programs presented at, or submitted to, recent SAGES Scientific Sessions and/or Postgraduate Courses. Produced by Ciné-Med, videos range from $35-$75 per set for members. In additional, SAGES has more than a dozen other multimedia learning products available. To order a catalog or video, please contact Ciné-Med at 800-515-1542 or visit

SAGES Patient Information Brochures: As a way to educate patients on certain laparoscopic and endoscopic procedures, the SAGES Educational Resources Committee has created several patient information brochures, written in both English and Spanish. To order, please visit

SAGES Troubleshooting Guide: Double sided, laminated guide to hang in your OR to assist OR personnel when equipment problems arise.

SAGES Logo Products: From ties to t-shirts to hats, SAGES logo products are always in style. To order, please contact the SAGES office for an order form at phone (310) 437-0544.

Resident Courses: SAGES offers courses in gastrointestinal endoscopy and laparoscopy for general surgery residents throughout the year. Basic Courses are for 2nd and 3rd year residents and Advanced Courses are open for 4th and 5th year residents (or Chief Residents and Fellows, depending on the course). Residents/Fellows must be SAGES Candidate members to attend an advanced course. For a listing of resident courses in 2004, contact Yumi Hori at (310) 437-0544 ext. 102.

The SAGES Manuals: These popular books are portable, concise, richly illustrated manuals from the pioneering society for minimally invasive surgery. They provide an authoritative synopsis of the major laparoscopic and flexible endoscopic procedures in easy-to-use, outline form. Step-by-step, the authors present the indications, patient preparation, operative techniques, and strategies for prevention and management of complications for a wide spectrum of both gold-standard and emerging procedures. The softcover, pocket-sized format makes it ideal for residents. To order a manual, please contact Spinger at 1-800-SPRINGER or visit There is also a version for Pocket PC based handheld computers available from Skyscape.

Surgical Endoscopy: Surgical Endoscopy is SAGES official journal. To view articles on-line, visit

SAGES Committees: The SAGES committees work towards the goals of the society. The best way to get involved in SAGES is to volunteer for a committee (only members can serve on a committee). To do so, please contact, Sallie Matthews .


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