Pioneer in Surgical Endoscopy Award

  • The award is designated for a person in industry, or a physician/surgeon. The award will be given to an individual, not to a company.
  • The award will be granted for a significant, long-term scientific or technological contribution to the field of surgical endoscopy.  One person may not receive the award twice, as it is for a body of work as opposed to an individual achievement.
  • The award will not be given every year, but bestowed when the Board determines a worthy nominee. It is intended for those whose efforts have substantively changed and improved the field of endoscopy.
  • Past Winners:
    • 1995:  Karl Storz
    • 1997:  Bob Quint
    • 1999:  Robert Anderson
    • 2001:  William Chang and Richard Newman
    • 2002:  Kurt Semm, MD
    • 2003:  Basil Hirshowitz
    • 2004:  George Berci, MD
    • 2005:  Jeffrey Ponsky, MD
    • 2006:  Gregory Stiegmann, MD
    • 2007:  John Abele
    • 2008:  Gerald Marks, MD
    • 2009:  Robert Croce
    • 2011:  Haruhiro Inoue, MD
    • 2012:  Leon Hirsch and Turi Josefsen
    • 2013:  Joel Leroy, MD
    • 2014: David Utley, MD
    • 2015: Steven Rothenberg, MD

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The Award is designated for a person in industry or a physician/surgeon.

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